HR Summertime Checklist Employers and HR

By July 31, 2017Uncategorized

PTO/Vacation requests – Do managers and supervisors know how to administer employee requests to make sure appropriate staffing levels are maintained and employees are treated fairly. Give working parents some support – flexible work schedules and remote working, if possible can help. And if you can extend some of this to employees who are not parents, even better.

Consider “Abbreviated Fridays” if work is slow during the summer months, consider allowing employees to work longer Monday through Thursday, to get out earlier on Fridays.

The weather – heat advisories, sun exposure and summer storms, providing your employees with valuable information is one way of showing how you value your employees, and may even reduce absence.

Are your internships compliant?– With respect to unpaid internships the Ministry of Labour has made its position very clear – there are none, unless it is a very exceptional circumstance as defined by ESA.

Dress code – Does your company allow for a more relaxed dress code during the summer? How long does this last? Directly address the Dress Code, or casual Fridays turn into Beach day.

Staffing – Are you a seasonal employer that should start hiring for the summer? Are there layoffs to be administered prior to summer? Will you be hiring interns?

The above is not an all-inclusive list and each organization is unique. Think about what the summer season means for your organization and get prepared.