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A Trusted Authority for Mediation Services in Toronto.

Niagara Street Consulting is a trusted authority for corporate mediation work in the greater Toronto area.

Various methods can be used by individuals to settle disputes, including casual discussion, problem solving – and in extreme situations – violent conflict. Mediation is a peaceful methods of dispute resolution which has proven extremely effective in almost any case civial, non-criminal activity.

Mediation services often present an excellent alternative to litigation work. Mediation is forever increasing in popularity for reasons of cost, speed of resolution time, and the contrast it allows from the typically hostile public environment of traditional litigation.

Our mediators help our clients to identify all issues of contention, break down any barriers to effective communication and outline settlement options in a completely impartial environment.

We invite you to call Niagara Street Consulting today at 416-559-3301 for more information about our mediation services. We’re here to serve you.