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An Effective Partner for Mediation in Toronto.

Mediation is a process by which a third party assists parties in conflict to arrive at a voluntary resolution on their own accord.

At Niagara Street Consulting, our expert mediators are adept at facilitating proper communication essential to understanding each other’s positions and resolving any differences which lead to conflict.

The goal of mediation is to create compromise, and from a monetary sense, it presents a very viable means to an outcome, avoiding costly litigation fees in the process. Mediation varies considerably from the focus of arbitration, which determines a guilty party and places an obligation on the guilty party to fulfill certain conditions or obligations.

People choose mediation for a variety of reasons:

  • Mediation is often a much less costly form of dispute resolution than traditional legal channels would present.
  • Mediation can often deliver resolution to a complex matter in a matter of hours, versus traditional channels which generally take far longer – often months or even years to resolve.
  • While court hearing can be public, mediation is a confidential process.
  • A mediation takes place with a mediator who is a neutral third party with substantial training in difficult conflict resolution circumstances.

We invite you to call Niagara Street Consulting today at 416-559-3301 for more information about our mediation services. We’re here to serve you.