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Our Mediators are Leading Experts at delivering Quick and Peaceful Resolutions to Even the Most Complex of Issues.

In the field of general conflict resolution, mediation offers an informal method of to resolve disputes in which a neutral third party – the mediator – assists the parties in conflict in resolving their conflict through the process of mediation. Mediation stands in contrast to many other forms of dispute resolution for its simplicity and the clarity of its rules. It has seen practical application from which range from petty civil disputes, to business issues, right up to global peace agreement negotiation.

The Mediator is a neutral third party who assists those in conflict to resolve any grievances in a peaceful and amicable environment designed to foster clear communication along with an understanding of all positions involved.

Our Mediators assist conflicting parties to find a resolution to their issues by their own accord – one that’s acceptable to the all parties. If asked, our mediators will also present an opinion concerning outcome of a dispute in court. Most conflicts that are mediated by one of Niagara Street Consulting’s mediators result in settlement however, saving our clients significant time and money. Our mediators also ensure a private environment geared towards increased communication and amicable conflict resolution.

We invite you to call Niagara Street Consulting today at 416-559-3301 for more information about our mediation services. We’re here to serve you.