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Ontario Passes New Rule Aimed at Work/Life Balance

By December 3, 2021Employers, Ontario

Bill 27, known as the Working for Workers Act, creates a requirement for employers with 25 or more employees to have a written policy on disconnecting from work, which includes emails, phone calls or video calls. It doesn’t specify what that policy must say, only what topics the policy must address. It creates an obligation for an employer to communicate when employees should expect to work, but it would not prohibit employers from creating an employment relationship that would require employees to be on-call.

A transitional provision establishes that employers that meet the 25-employee threshold on January 1, 2022, have until June 2, 2022, to meet the new requirement to have a written policy in place.
For assistance in implementing this new policy, please contact us and we’d be happy to guide your business in meeting compliance.
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