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Performance Management System

To have one, or not to have one? We can help you with that decision. Over the last few years, a number of organizations have opted out of the formalized Performance Management Process in favour of having conversations about performance as an organic part of their work. In many functions—sales, engineering, product development—it’s fairly obvious how well people are doing. (As companies develop better analytics to measure performance, this becomes even truer.) Many organizations have instituted informal 360-degree reviews. If you feel this is the right approach for your company, we can help you get there.

But, perhaps you feel more structure is right for you and your employees. A well designed Performance Management System has its foundation in your organization’s goals and business strategy. A well-designed system:

  • Clarifies job responsibilities and expectations
  • Enhances individual and group productivity
  • Develops employee capability to their fullest extent through effective feedback
    and coaching
  • Drives behaviour to align with organizations core values, goals and strategy
  • Provides a basis for making operational human capital decisions
  • Improves communication between employees and manager

NSC will work with you to define your planning stages and your mechanisms for employee input. We’ll help you create fair and equitable appraisal criteria and comprehensive review forms.