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Get your business the AODA customer service training you need.

aoda-customer-service-standard-trainingThe Accessibility Standard for Customer Service, a provision of the Accessibility for Ontarians Disability Act (AODA), went into effect on January 1, 2012. The long and the short of the new regulations require all businesses with at least one employee living in the Greater Ontario Area to adhere to strict standards, and that includes AODA customer service training.

Non-compliance with the AODA can lead to serious repercussions for businesses. Your place of business can be subject to inspections, your company itself could have penalties assigned to it. Additional challenges to businesses while dealing with AODA requirements include separate standards for businesses with over 20 employees, making the issue even more complex. Niagara Street Consulting has years of human resources consulting experience, and we can help to ensure you comply with the requirements of the AODA and eliminate your risk of being subject to such consequences.

With more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the human resources sector in both Eastern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara Street Consulting has built a solid reputation on HR solutions. Our expert policy trainers have extensive experience with AODA customer service standard training, and we will help you ensure that your business can develop an AODA-compliant training program, no matter if you’re a brand-new startup or a well-established firm.

Of course, Niagara Street Consulting does more than just ensuring that your business has sufficient AODA customer service training. We offer a full line of HR services to organizations in the GTA, including human resources consulting, talent management, and workplace dispute resolution just to name a few. Contact us today at (416) 559-3301 to learn how we can supply you with the human resources solutions your company needs.