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Provide AODA training to your employees with Niagara Street Consulting.

aoda-online-trainingThe Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act is an important legislation for everyone living within the province, whether they’re customers of private businesses or if they’re business owners themselves. The Customer Service Standard for the AODA requires any companies working in the Greater Toronto Area that has customers and with at least one employee to adhere to strict guidelines in how to treat those customers, with particular attention to members of the public living with disabilities, and since the Customer Service Standard went into effect in 2012 it’s imperative that businesses of all sizes provide training to their employees.

Many companies may not be able to accomplish these goals in-house, especially if they’re relatively small-scale. However, since it’s so important to comply with AODA guidelines – as noncompliance can result in a company being assigned penalties.This makes it crucial to ensure your employees are fully trained in providing proper customer service to Ontarians with disabilities.

Thankfully there are solutions for businesses that need to ensure they meet AODA’s Customer Service Standard. This is where Niagara Street Consulting comes in – with 20 years of experience in providing training and coaching to countless small and medium-sized businesses in Eastern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, we have the expertise your company needs to provide you with AODA training. Call us today at (416) 559-3301 and learn how Niagara Street Consulting can help your company employees get the training they need to ensure your own AODA compliance.