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Onboarding programs lead to happy, productive workers.

employee-onboarding-programsCompanies with strong employee onboarding process experience significantly better employee retention, productivity and engagement. The process, involves acclimating new employees to a new work environment by providing important information about what not only is expected of them in their new position but also to acquaint them with the company culture as a whole to make their transition as seamless as possible.

There are a number of tactics that companies can use to ensure that their employee onboarding programs are successful. They run the gamut from computer-based orientation programs, printed materials and videos, or even lectures and formal meetings designed to show new hires the ropes of their new position. Taking these steps are crucial for any employer to develop a workforce consisting of employees that have low levels of occupational stress, higher levels of organizational commitment, and overall better job performance and higher job satisfaction.

It can be overwhelming for companies that don’t have existing onboarding programs to develop and implement one. Mistakes made with orientation programs at the beginning of a worker’s career can have a negative impact down the line; this is why many companies will choose to have a specialist human resources consultant design and implement their employee boarding programs for them.

Niagara Street Consulting is one of the most experienced and qualified HR consultancy firms out there when it comes to providing human resources solutions like onboarding and orientation programs. We have decades of experience in providing these services to countless organizations, making us ideal for doing the same for you. If you need to develop and implement your own onboarding program, give us a call at (416) 559-3301 so we can help you as well.