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Performing an HR Audit with Niagara Street Consulting Can Measurably Impact Profits.

hr-auditYour company’s employees represent the most important part of your organization. For many companies their employees are their company. For most companies, their people also account for the largest component of their expenses. The percentage of overall operating costs devoted to employee salaries and benefits generally range from a low of about 18% (retail and wholesale trade) to a high of about 52 percent in the health care and for profit service industries.

Knowing all of this, it’s vital that companies create the right atmosphere to attract the right team along with build the right environment for those same team members to thrive in.

Having an external party take a look at your human resources practices and the systems you use to manage your people can often result in the creation of significant differences in your organization. Performing an HR audit simply acts as the means to uncover areas for improvement.

Niagara Street Consulting’s HR audits cover the following areas:

  • Employee onboarding and orientation
  • Employee performance management
  • Training and development practices
  • Compensation and benefits policies and systems
  • Termination practices
  • Diversity, discrimination and conflict resolution practices
  • Human resources strategic planning

An HR audit can be broad in nature, or centered around a particular area of focus that may require more insight and focus.

We invite you to call Niagara Street Consulting today at 416-559-3301 for more information. We’re here to serve you.