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Turn to the experts at Niagara Street Consulting when you need HR support.

hr-consulting-firms-torontoEvery business that opens its doors in the Greater Toronto Area needs human resources expertise in order to flourish and grow. From a startup with just a handful of employees to a larger company with dozens of workers, if the organization lacks good HR support, it’s going to experience countless challenges that it may not be able to weather successfully.

Company size and budget may not support a full or even part time HR person. Defaulting that work to your finance or administrativestaff may affect their productivity, or that may not bring the required skills to the task. Outsourcing these activities to Niagara Street Consulting will ensure that your organization has established and well maintained best practices and that the company’s HR policies are in accord with provincial regulations.

Niagara Street Consulting can provide these human resources solutions to your organization. Whether it’s help in ensuring internal policies adhere the Employment Standards Act,support for compensation and payroll management, training and coaching for management and non-management personnel, or the on-boarding and orientation of new hires, Niagara Street Consulting has the expertise and the experience to strengthen your human resources department. We also provide workplace dispute resolution coaching and management.

Don’t let your organization suffer from the pitfalls of not having a robust human resources support. Your business needs to ensure that your employees are provided with only the most effective training and support in order to help grow your company and ensure its success. Call Niagara Street Consulting today at (416) 559-3301. We can help.