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Identify and Eliminate Workplace Bullying

workplace-bullyingUnfortunately, bullying does not end at the schoolyard; it often carries over into professional workplaces. Do you know how to spot workplace bullying within your company? Does your management staff know how to best prevent and eliminate these types of behaviors? If you do not have a plan in place to deal with workplace bullying, consider utilizing the services of Niagara Street Consulting.

With the help of Niagara Street Consulting, you can learn:

  • How to identify signs that workplace bullying is taking place
  • How to create a safe and secure process for reporting bullying
  • Proper strategies for addressing complaints regarding bullying
  • Ways to make your business a friendly, conflict-free environment
  • How to comply with current Ontario anti harassment, anti-violence legislation

Eliminating workplace bullying is not only essential in order to comply with Ontario laws- it also provides many other benefits for your business. When your employees feel safe and secure at work, they will be more likely to work harder and maintain employment with your business for longer periods of time.

With the help of the Niagara Street Consulting, you can create a welcoming,  friendly and optimally productive workplace environment well into the future.

If you have a Toronto or GTA-based business and would like to learn more about workplace bullying, or if you would like to launch an independent workplace investigation, contact Niagara Street Consulting by calling 416.559.3301.