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Create an attractive culture that encourages commitment at all levels.


Implement strategies and plans that resolve important issues affecting your mission.


Equip frontline managers with the tools they need to grow and achieve at work.



We help our clients fulfill business needs by facilitating a creative culture that encourages engagement, commitment, and fulfillment at all levels.


Hire the right people.

Strong talent management means attracting good candidates, putting the right person in the right job, retaining top talent, understanding employees better and positioning them for success to create a committed, confident, engaged and productive workforce.

Our expertise includes:

  • Audits, assessments, and recommendations to enhance your recruitment and selection processes
  • Skill and competency mapping
  • Learning and development programs
  • Custom recruitment campaigns to meet your unique needs
  • Behavioural interviews
  • Compensation recommendations, offer letters & employment contracts
  • Reference checks
  • Employee onboarding and orientation
  • Exit interviews

Market Relativity &

Assess your value.

Salary benchmarking allows you to see how competitive you are within the marketplace and helps you develop a strategic and informed compensation philosophy to attract (and retain) employees.

Our expertise includes:

  • Best practices for determining pay equity
  • Comparative salary trends & data analysis
  • Assessment of your overall compensation packages

Compensation & Employee
Benefits Structure

Create attractive rewards.

A well-designed benefits program with a good balance of wages, benefits and rewards helps attract, retain, and motivate employees.

Our expertise includes:

  • Designing equitable and realistic compensation structures
  • Non-financial rewards & incentive planning
  • Responsive benefits plans; customized plans specific to the needs of (individual or groups of) employees


Communicate clear expectations.

Job descriptions are the basis for compensation structures and are valuable when recruiting your ideal candidate. Well-written job descriptions serve as communication tools that allow both employees and candidates to clearly understand the expectations, duties, and objectives for the role.

Our expertise includes:

  • Strategy and tactical support for hiring, employee retention, and promotion
  • Developing recruitment materials
  • Understanding the rewards & risks as they apply to provincial laws

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Sound policies, effective procedures and well-performing processes are the foundation of an organization that supports effective employee management and development.


Design proactive systems.

An effective system can benefit the organization, managers and employees by saving time, reducing conflicts, streamlining communication, and driving loyalty, retention, productivity, and peace of mind.

Our expertise includes:

  • System design and implementation
  • Technology training
  • Defining appraisal criteria
  • Performance evaluation: 360-degree reviews & comprehensive review forms

HR Manuals &
Employee Handbook

Create a living culture.

Handbooks are a valuable communication tool used to spell out the organization’s mission, vision, benefits, policies, expectations, and culture in positive terms to keep employees informed and happy. A vital benefit is that it also protects companies from employees’ legal claims.

Our expertise includes:

  • Skilled knowledge of provincial employment laws
  • Strategy and content planning to reflect unique client needs
  • Writing handbook content
  • Onsite session to review handbook content with employees & managers

Audit & Payroll

Compliance isn’t a choice.

We provide a wide range of compliance payroll and audit services ensuring you meet legislative payroll and employment tax obligations. Understanding the taxability implications of benefits and payroll can help employers reduce time and money spent, and save frustration. It’s important to ensure that records are accurate and properly maintained, and problems are identified so they don’t become issues.

Be proactive and informed.

Our expertise includes:

  • Day-to-day payroll services & onsite accounting
  • Technology training
  • Audit and compliance strategies & best practices
  • Compliance education seminars

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We design programs for frontline managers to equip them with the knowledge, tools, and network they need to cope, grow, and achieve at work.

HR Training for
Managers and Leaders

Build confidence and foster new skills.

Good management just doesn’t happen. A good (or bad) manager affects employee performance and satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, turnover, and the overall health of any organization. We can help you develop important competencies including listening, resolving conflict, negotiation, mediation, and coaching.

Our expertise includes:

  • Onsite leadership training & coaching programs
  • Employee development follow up support
  • Effective communication tools & reference guides
  • Mentor networks & peer-to-peer support
  • Online training


Cultivate ambassadors.

Providing effective support and coaching to your employees often results in performance enhancement, confidence, ability, and willingness to be part of the solution.

Our expertise includes:

  • Onsite training & performance coaching
  • Action plans & critical feedback paths
  • Soft skill development
  • Rules & regulations in the workplace

HR & Organizational

Transform relationships to stay agile.

HR & OD helps business leaders develop their organizations and people with the aim of facilitating stronger interpersonal relationships and creating agile environments. HR & OD transforms norms and values within the workplace to make them strategic and efficient.

Our expertise includes:

  • Change management
  • Process mapping
  • Reducing stress related to complex decision making
  • Defining strategic role functions within an organization
  • Coordinating onsite support & team building


Nurture positive workplace interaction.

We help you develop skills, techniques, and strategies for identifying and addressing conflict, harassment, and discrimination in the workplace, including inappropriate attitudes and behaviours involving clients and/or vendors.

Our expertise includes:

  • Workplace investigations
  • Mediation
  • Anti-harassment & discrimination policy development
  • Sensitivity & awareness training/coaching
  • Dispute resolution process development

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