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By May 11, 2021May 13th, 2021Employers, Ontario

Any employer these days needs to know, understand and practice Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

Below are few suggested actions an employer can easily take to avoid a complaint.

  1. Avoid having job interviews in your personal office / around personal objects that could entice a candidate to start personal chitchat.

  2. Do not ask where a candidate is from.

  3. If a candidate discloses that they are for example, pregnant, move on and do not acknowledge.

  4. When it comes to employment offers, ensure they are given to the candidate well in advance. This provides them enough time to seek advice and review.

  5. Ensure contracts always meet the minimum ESA standards.

  6. A probation period is not automatic, therefore include in the contract if needed.

  7. Any mistake in a contract makes the entire contract null and void.

  8. Always include a temporary layoff clause.

  9. When conducting reference/background checks always use a 3rd party administrator to avoid bias.

  10. Send a conditional employment offer prior to conducting reference checks.

  11. Bonus Tip: Successful candidates need to be notified of the AODA policy. This can be done by adding it to the offer of employment, or through signing an acknowledgment form stating they’ve read the employee handbook, which would have the AODA policy.

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